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Cup or beer bottle holder for Adirondack plastic moulded lawn chairs. Requires 2 small (4.0 mm) holes drilled (see pictures for dimensions ) Make sure you drill at least 12.0 mm below armrest to avoid interference with armrest. Use wood or self tapping screws. Printer settings: 3 shell thickness, 3 outer layers, No support required.
My newest creation is a Cup-Holder Stick Shift. This is assembled in 8 parts (6 3D printed and 2 screws). Using the screws, you are able to adjust how stiff you would like the joints to move.
This intriguing marketing for a gyroscopic cup holder was launched in April 2014. The technology uses a gyroscopic phenomenon to ensure that your drink never spills no matter how much the automobile moves around. The Hungarian team behind the innovation had barely raised $100 of their $8000 goal after the Indiegogo campaign concluded in June.
Learning TablesCup holder • Tablet/laptop/book holder • Power/data cube or grommets • Integrated coat hook in Table legs • Extra backpack hook • Table linking option • Casters, levelers and ADA options (all can be retrofitted) • Available in
| Download free and paid 3D printable STL files